Bread clips: Learn more about this surprisingly useful little tool! There is absolutely no reason to throw them away!

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Untangle headphones

Ok, I will admit it. My headphones are always in a complete mess, all tangled up, just like the ones in the picture. Untangling them takes forever and is really annoying, but did you know bread clips can help you with this annoying problem as well? The first step is to untangle your headphones and roll them up, then you simply attach your bread clipt to them and you have made life a lot easier for yourself!

Identifying power plugs

Especially behind the computer and around the TV there is often a real mess of cables. We simply have too many devices nowadays. This is especially annoying if you want to restart a device or need to unplug something. Another easy trick: just use a bread clip to mark the cables. You can use the different colors and markings on the clip to identify which device uses which plug! Or you can make your own markers on the bread clips and identify the plugs that way. This not only saves you a lot of time, but it also makes your home look a lot more organized and tidy. Great idea to impress your friends with your great housekeeping skills …

Identifying keys

This is basically the same trick as the one that helps us identify cables. Just use a bread clip as an attachment to your keys. This works especially well for keys you seldom use. You can write something on a bread clip and attach it to the key. That way you have an easy to use tool to identify keys and once again, make life a lot easier for you. This is especially helpful if all your keys look the same or if you have too many keys and you are struggling to keep up with all the locks they belong to.

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