This is how to grow square watermelons

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We all love watermelons, especially during hot weather. They feel like healthy ice creams, especially if cooled down, making us less thirsty and making our body more hydrated as watermelons also have a high amount of water content.

Furthermore, watermelons have plenty of health benefits. Watermelons can also protect your heart as they contain a high amount of citrulline and lycopene that are much needed for your blood and heart. And don’t forget as these yummy fruits are filled with vitamin-A, they are also good for your eyes. Keep on eating them if you workout on a regular basis, since this delicious fruit is rich in potassium mineral, which is exceptionally helpful with your muscles, making them less sore.

We are used to the round shapes of watermelons, but have you ever wondered how some watermelons become square-shaped?

We all know that watermelons naturally have a rounded shape, and you probably haven’t questioned this fact.

Did you know that you can have watermelons in a squared shape? Yes, it is possible, and they look absolutely amazing. Even more exciting is that you can make all sorts of shapes out of your watermelon, pumpkin, and even apple.

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