Find out how to remove a broken key from a lock without a locksmith!

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The best tricks on how to save you a lot of money

Be your own locksmith for the day.

Has this ever happened to you? You try to open a lock but somehow it doesn’t work. Then you obviously tried to apply a bit of pressure and moved the key back and forth and what happened after was a real disaster!

The key broke into two pieces and now half of it is stuck in the lock! You might think that the only way out of this dilemma is to call a locksmith but think again, you can often fix this inconvenience on your own.

After all, locksmiths can be incredibly expensive. Try to follow our advice and learn how to remove a broken key from a lock all by yourself.


Locksmiths are sometimes necessary but one thing is for sure: they are expensive! This is especially true if you happen to need their services during the night or on a weekend as they charge extra fees for being called in these situations.

They usually arrive after around one hour and will help you fix the problem, but this professional help might not be necessary in your case. Read the following tips and be amazed about what you can do all on your own. You can potentially save yourself hundreds of Euros!

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