Effective and Cheap Do-It-Yourself Heaters Made From Candles!

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It takes only 5 minutes to craft an effective heater!

Some meteorologists forecast a frosty winter both in Europe and Ukraine. As it’s becoming more and more difficult to rely on municipal services, hoping they will provide people with basic amenities, such as heat and electricity, be sure to have a plan of what to do in case there’s no heat going from radiators. Allocate 5 minutes of your time and the heater will be crafted!

The benefit of this heater is that it’s portable and doesn’t require any rare, expensive, or specific items, which you may not have at home.
Here’s a list of everything you need to craft one heater:

  • 2 clay pots (one should be larger than the other)
  • 2 candles;
  • flat plate;
  • 3 construction washers and 2 nuts suitable for them;
  • 3 bricks
  • alcohol or gas burner

After you’ve gathered everything you need, we can start crafting!

  • Make some holes in the bottom of the clay pots so that they can be connected using washers and nuts
  • Next, turn the pots upside down and place them on 3 bricks (should place a brick on each side of the pot)
  • Take 2 candles and put them on a plate, then put the plate between the bricks.
  • Install pre-prepared clay pots on bricks.

Your heater of yours is ready! It works as a regular furnace, except that it needs candles rather than wood! Be sure to place it in a safe place so that there are no easily flammable items nearby! Putting it in front of a window is not a good idea, because windows (even when they’re sealed well) absorb some amount of heat!

We hope that the heating systems of your place will work as usual, without any shutdowns and you won’t have to use our methods in practice! Now you are more prepared for surprises that may appear during winter!

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