Effective and Cheap Do-It-Yourself Heaters Made From Candles!

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The winter is on its way, bringing new challenges for those, who live in Ukraine and face periodical shuts down of electricity and heating systems. Being able to keep yourself warm and to heat your place effectively using items you have around is a must-have knowledge nowadays! Don’t miss a single idea, because in the case of having options of how to warm your house and you in it, the more you know – the better! Did you know that regular candles can help you sustain a decent temperature in your room? It’s essential to know how to keep your place warm and comfortable, while there’s no central heating available. With a heater like this, you can provide yourself with a source of heat for as long as 10-12 hours.

Ukraine is in big trouble with providing its people with electricity and heating due to regular Russian missile strikes. The government of Ukraine stated that both electricity and central heating may be unreachable for people in some areas of Ukraine for some time. It’s essential for everyone, who may face such consequences,(even if you’re not in Ukraine) to have the knowledge to overcome these struggling times by having a greater options list. A couple of items are needed to craft a heater out of a simple candle! So, be sure to have:

  •  a small can
  • paraffin candle;
  • candle made of wax;
  • salt
  • refined oil without odor;
  • a lighter or matches

Put the candle made of wax on the bottom of a can. Then, melt a paraffin candle and pour the liquid paraffin into the can. This liquid should fix the wax candle in the can.
After that, you need to add oil to the can and also put some salt in it. Salt will draw moisture out of oil so that the whole mixture will hold in proper condition for longer. Your handmade “heater” will work for 10-12 hours. For example, a regular candle will be lit for no more than 2 hours.

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